Faculty of Dirasat Islamiya Held a National Seminar and Alumni Meet Up

Saturday, October 10th 2015, located in Harun Nasution Auditorium, Faculty of Islamic Study at Islamic State University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta, has been held a national seminar themed: “Tafaqquh fi al-Din: Scientific Integration, Opportunity, and Career World Challenges”, as well as holding its First Alumni Meet Up. The goal of this seminar is to give audiences understanding of Tafaqquh fi al Din in the context of global world and urgency of scientific integration and Islamic worldview while facing challenges in work field.

This seminar invited 3 speakers in which all of them were Faculty of Dirasat Islamiya alumni. They are Syahrullah Iskandar, S.S.I, MA (Islamic State University Bandung), Andi Rahman, S.S.I, MA (PTIQ and Darus Sunnah Lecturer). Besides the aforementioned names, there are names that were also present in the seminar from FDI alumni: Aida Humaira, S.S.I, MA (FDI lecturer), Didin Miftahudin, S.S.I (the leader of Pesantren Miftahul Madaniyyah), Nur Tondo, S.S.I (teacher at Tahfizh al-Quran), and Abdul Aziz (director of Pyramid Tour and Travel).

Abdullah Darraz in this seminar stated that Faculty of Dirasat Islamiya is a part of academic intellectual entity in the campus environment and in the context of tafaqquh fi al Din this faculty can play more significant role. Integrating every scientific field of Islamic studies in its Islamic scientific tradition (Arabic, Fiqh, Kalam, philosophy, tasawuf, and contemporary Islamic thoughts), and strengthened by modernization current which being assimilated with academic activity, this faculty has opportunity to hold an important and strategic role to establish Islamic sciences in Indonesia that is complete, holistic, and integral.

This seminar is also accompanied with the launch of alumni association which named KARAMI an abbreviation for Keluarga Alumni Dirasat Islamiya (Family of Dirasat Islamiyah Alumni). KARAMI is derived from Arabic word  which means “noble”. Through this name, it is expected the alumni that are spread throughout Nusantara can share the sense of nobility to the world.

The dean of Faculty of Dirasat Islamiya: Dr. Hamka Hasan, MA in his speech stated that this seminar and alumni meet up is media to reconnect with Faculty civitas academica or who has been separated formally. He expects this association can bridge connection between alumni and faculty to give information of job opportunity for the graduates and establishing experts graduated alumni.

    Vice of 3rd Dean of Students Department, alumni, and cooperation: Dr. Chaya Buana, MA while launched KARAMI said that there are 3 expectations from KARAMI. First, is to five benefits to alumni, benefits for active students, and benefits from alumni to faculty. With all regards