Auditorium, UIN News, Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) UIN Jakarta officially launched the Alumni Association of FDI UIN Jakarta, Alumni of Dirasat Islamiyah (KARAMI), in the Main Auditorium, Saturday (10/10). The existence of this association is expected to strengthen the relation between alumni and faculty for the development of FDI in the future.

The launch of alumni association is done along with the National Seminar themed Tafaqquh di al-Din: Integration of Sciences, Opportunity, and Challenge in the Work Sphere. Presented as the speaker and also alumni of FDI UIN Jakarta, they are Head of Ma’arif Institute, Muhammad Abdullah Daraz, S.Si, MA, M.Ud.; Lecturer of PTIQ and Pesantren Dar as-Sunah, Andi RahmanS.Si. MA, and Lecturer of UIN Bandung, Syahrullah Iskandar, S.Si, MA.

The Dean of FDI Dr. Hamka Hasan LC, MA, expects the relations between alumni and faculty will not be interrupted. In addition to keep the communication, those relations also expected could be a bridge of development for students and alumni. This association is expected to be the bridge and communication media between faculty, students, and alumni, he said.

Vice Dean for Student Affairs of FDI UIN Jakarta, Dr. Cahaya Buana MA, added, the existence of KARAMI is hoped could introduce about FDI to the public. Through KARAMI, public can catch the scholars of FDI with their Islamic studies distinction are ready to contribute and compete in society.

Tafaqquh fi-al-Din
Meanwhile, Abdullah Daraz, by taking the Tafaqquh fi al-Din perspective said, the alumni of FDI as an academic entity of UIN Jakarta take a significant and important role. In his opinion, students and alumni of FDI have benefits such as a depth of understanding in the field of principal studies in scientific tradition of Islam, like Arabic, Fiqih, Kalam Studies, Philosophy, or Tasawuf, and Islamic Contemporary.

Through a depth understanding in the field of principal studies in scientific tradition of Islam, strengthen by modernism which developed in academic live, then students, alumni, either institutional of this faculty have a very crucial and strategic role for the development of Islamic studies in Indonesia that is more complete, holistic, and integrated, he said. (TAM/AS/IPM)