This was delivered by Rector, Prof. Dr. Dede Rosyada MA, while he opened ‘the International Seminar on Islamic Moderation’ that conducted by Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah and the Association of Alumni Al-Azhar University of Indonesia, Tuesday (01/09). According to him, the first group called ‘ulum al-wahy atau ‘ulum al-diniyah wa syar’iyah is important to be mastered by Muslims as a foundation for people in practicing Islamic thoughts in harmony with al-Qur’an and Hadits.

The second group called ma’arif al-kawn atau ‘ulum al-bahthah, important to be mastered to equip human with various knowledge which could be developed for the creation of science and technology in the advancement of civilization and the lives of the people. And the third group, ma’arif al-insaniyah, must be mastered so that people could pay attention to the aspects of humanity.

“There is no doubt, it is an obligatory for us to master all the three disciplines so that could be the best people now, and in the future,” he said.

Currently, said rector Muslims are stuck on the claim of the best people based on theological perspective. In fact, Muslims are tends to left behind in the domination of economics, science and technology, and health.

“With such a lagging condition, is it appropriate to call ourselves as the best race?” he said.

According to the mandate by the government and people trust, rector revealed, UIN Jakarta has continued to advance the domination of science which is needed by the people. Even though, at the same time UIN Jakarta also works hard to encourage the development of Islamic studies. By doing so, the graduate students of UIN Jakarta are the professional which expert in their field but remains behavior of the students (santri).

In addition to strengthen the Islamic faculty and department like Faculty of Ushuluddin and Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah, the development of UIN Jakarta was conducted with opening and developing the other faculties and departments such as, medicine, psychology, and economics. Academic development is also done by strengthening the scientific and Islamic curriculum.

Islam Wasathiyah

Meanwhile, the conclusions of International Seminar on Islamic Moderation asked Muslims to assert the identity as a moderate people (wasathiyah) in the middle of religion plurality. This is necessary, so they would ready to grow up in diverse environments also minimize the influence of radicalism and liberalism in the interpretation and practice of Islam.

Present as the speakers, a number of scholars from various Islamic universities of the world. Among them Dr. Ahmad bin Yahya al-Kindi (Oman), Dr. Muhammad Muhammad Isa (Egypt), Prof. Dr. Huzaemah Tahido Yanggo (Indonesia), the Head of Alumni Al-Azhar University of Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Quraish Shihab MA, and Naib Rais al-Azhar University, Dr. Abd as-Syafi’i Ismail.

“To block the negative effects of both trends, it should be emphasized and reaffirmed the moderate understanding that is able to embrace and accept each side of religious life,” said Dean of FDI, Dr. Hamka Hasan MA, in his speech.

Moderation, Hamka said, is in accordance with the social realities of a pluralistic and democratic Indonesia. Although, Islam is the majority religion, but there are various religions in this country. Therefore, understanding of moderate religion meets the urgency and momentum in Indonesia.

Referring to the latest conditions, continued Hamka, Islamic societies are faced with tendency of fundamentalist literalist radicalism and liberalism secularists. The first is expressed in extremism and rigidity in understanding and religious practices. While the second, on the contrary, that gives an extreme leeway on understanding and religious practices. (ZM)

Translated By Ika Putri Mahardhika