FDI-Online News, Delegation of UIN Jakarta back got achievements in national level on Arabic festival event VI of the University of Indonesia on 14-17th of April 2015. Middle Eastern Festival is the annual event, namely Arabic literature faculty of Science University of Indonesia are Cultures under the auspices of the Department of PSDM Family Ties West Asia (IKABA).

On the procurement of FTT this time, there are three categories of race is contested. The first general categories namely Singing contest, Eat Kebab, Stand Up Comedy and Calligraphy Painting. The second category of student such as debate in Arabic, Musikalisasi poetry, Essays and presentations. And the third category of students that is the race speech and Musikalisasi poetry.  delegation of uin Jakarta was dominated by students of the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah it following all the branches of the race categories on student university level, two branches of the race categories General (singing and painting calligraphy).

In the event this time, delegates FTT UIN Jakarta successfully holds four Cup Championships FTT.  One of the four cups it gets donated by Nurul Amanah (FDI/2). She won the champion of the two branches of race Musikalisasi Arabic Poems. The poem titled “Nahju Amani” by Wirdah Fachiroh Lc, she was one of the lecturers of FDI and Guide her until she brings with a riveting moment of the race, A poem about a trip to get a dream, she managed to bring with expressive with the fluffy costumes and properties that matching, The race of brance of Musikalisasi poem was followed by 19 participants from various campuses in Indonesia with Nurul amanah as participants sort number to three.  for her the achievements, in the end she is entitled to receive a trophy, a certificate and money coaching.

In addition to it, the three other Championship Cup managed by delegations UIN Jakarta such us 2nd winner in Essay Presentation as well as the champion of the 2nd and 3rd Painting Calligraphy earned by students in addition to FDI, Hopefully this achievement can inspire and motivate the next generation to be able to provide the best for UIN Jakarta.