Dirasat Islamiyah Faculty leaders meet Egyptian Ambassador
Dirasat Islamiyah Faculty leaders meet Egyptian Ambassador

Dean of the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah (FDI) Dr. Yuli Yasin, M.A. Together with Deputy Dean I, Dr. Imam Sujoko, M.A., Deputy Dean II Dr. Mu'min Roup, M.A., and Deputy Dean III Dr. Mustaghfirin, M.A. paid a visit to the Egyptian Embassy in Jakarta Thursday, February 29, 2024. During the visit, FDI leaders were received directly by the Egyptian Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E. Yasser Elshemy and Deputy Ambassador Mr. Osamah Hamdy.

The Dean of FDI then said that the arrival of the leadership was carried out in the context of strengthening and enhancing cooperation as well as encouraging efforts to realize the points of agreement that had not been implemented. In particular, Dr. Yuli Yasin mentioned that there are four points of cooperation that must be followed up, namely: First, sending 3rd year or 6th semester students to take courses at Al-Azhar University in Cairo for one semester and get a grade, so that their status is not just a listener.

Second, the Dean of FDI conveyed information that at UIN Jakarta there is a Visiting Professor program in bond and out bond. The Dean offered the Ambassador to forward the information to al-Azhar University, so that professors from al-Azhar University can carry out academic duties at UIN Jakarta for 1 month. The same thing also applies to UIN Jakarta lecturers who want to do Visiting Professor at Al-Azhar University can be accepted.

Third, the Dean of FDI hopes that al-Azhar University can send the latest curriculum and diktat, because the existence of the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah UIN Jakarta as a replication of the Faculty of Dirasah Islamiyah Al-Azhar University must be maintained in quality.

Fourth, Dr. Yuli Yasin also offered a program for students of the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah. The internship program aims to provide experience to students outside their scientific field while carrying out the mandate of the MBKM curriculum.

Responding to the delivery of the FDI Dean, the Ambassador welcomed the FDI Leader's offer and stated that he would immediately follow up on the results of the FDI Leader's visit.

In closing, the Chairman of FDI invited the Ambassador to visit UIN as a form of strengthening friendship and cooperation in the future***