LDKS, Abqary, and DEMA FDI Hold Next Level Dai Daiyah Seminar
LDKS, Abqary, and DEMA FDI Hold Next Level Dai Daiyah Seminar

The activity, which was held on Thursday, October 30 2023, was attended by hundreds of participants from FDI students and the general public. The seminar with the theme "Creating Dai Daiyah with a Global Holistic and Moderate Insight" that invited two speakers K.H M. Cholil Nafis Ph.D. and Dr. Aep Saepulloh, M.A.

In his speech, ..... as chairman of the committee said that with this theme it is hoped that all generations of young preachers can increase their understanding of holistic and moderate concepts, develop global insight skills in preaching, and rhetorical methods of preaching.

Dean of the Faculty of Dirasat Islamiyah Dr. Yuli Yasin, M.A. in her speech emphasized that FDI students who struggle with dictates every day must be able to translate their knowledge into benefits for society, that is what called by “next level”.

Meanwhile, K.H. Cholil Nafis, as the first speaker, said that a preacher must be an opinion leader, namely a person who has a big influence in making decisions so that he is able to exploit hot issues for social climbing elegantly because we respond with competent knowledge.

Next, the second speaker, namely Dr. Asep Saepulloh emphasized that by preaching and becoming preachers we inherit the mission of the prophets. Therefore, for the Next Dai to have good quality, they must equip themselves with rhetorical power, strengthened by good preparation, training and practice. These are the keys so that the da'wah carried out can be accepted by the heart, not just heard and then forgotten. He ended his speech by providing motivation. "If we advance without preparation then be prepared to go down without honour."